EAGLETAC Flashlights
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 EAGTAC - EagleTac is a Washington U.S.A based company that designs and produces precision tactical flashlights commonly used by professionals, law enforcement, search and rescue (SAR) and military.
EagleTac produces flashlights of varying sizes, power outputs, and battery sources. These range from the small pocket sized flashlights to Tactical Flashlights. Battery sources range from the widely available AA batteries to common CR123 lithium batteries and lithium-ion rechargeable.

Unique! Independent! Pioneering! Extreme!
EagleTac is not a typical Flashlight Company!

EagleTac M SeriesEagleTac M Series

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EagleTac S SeriesEagleTac S Series

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EagleTac G SeriesEagleTac G Series

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EagleTac Tactical SeriesEagleTac Tactical Series

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EagleTac Personal SeriesEagleTac Personal Series

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EagleTac D25 Clicky SeriesEagleTac D25 Clicky Series

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EagleTac D25 Mini SeriesEagleTac D25 Mini Series

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EagleTac Weapon Mountable FlashlightsEagleTac Weapon Mountable Flashlights

Weapons Mountable EagleTac Flashlights.

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